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We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and supply of exquisite Hand Made Products, Our Products are ideally suitable for art and craft stores.We manufacture Deckle Edged Papers, Deckle Edged Invitations, Deckle Edged Envelopes, Foil Stamped Wedding Invites, Letter Pressed Wedding Invites,.We also manufacture Sari Silk Yarn, Sari Silk Ribbon Yarns, Sari Silk Sliver, Muga Silk Yarn, Muga Silk Sliver, Eri Silk yarn, Eri Silk Sliver, Tussah Silk yarn, Tussah Silk Sliver, Mulberry Silk Sliver, Mulberry Silk Yarn, News Paper yarn, Silk Wool Yarn, Silk Linen Yarns, Cotton Yarns, Fuzzy Sari Silk Ribbons, Nettle Silk Yarn, Hemp Yarns, Pineapple Yarns, Banana Yarn, Banana Silk Yarn, Sisal Fiber, Pineapple Fiber, Banana Fiber, Sisal Yarn, Sea Grass Yarn, Denim Ribbon BallsWe also Manufacture Chevron Glass Beads, Glass Beads, Bone Beads, Horn Beads, Copper Beads, Agate BeadsWe also manufacture Wooden Knitting Needles, Wooden Crochet Hooks, Wooden Ball Winders, Wooden Spindles, Wooden Lucets,. Wooden Nostepinnes, Wooden Niddy Noddy, Wooden Umbrella Swifts,Wooden Textile Printing Blocks We also manufacture logo printed Drawstring Bags, Cotton Drawstring Bags,.Some of the speciality papers that we work with are as follows: * Silk Screen Printed Papers* Hand Embroidered Papers* Wood Hand Blocked Papers* Marble Handmade Papers* Flock Printed Papers* Foil Printed Papers* Embossed Papers* Tissue Banana PaperOur papers are suitable for origami, collage, calligraphy, rubber stamping, paper arts, book arts, decorative crafts or wrapping.We are also manufacturing, Wine Bottle Bags, Wine Bottle Boxes, Chocolate Boxes, Favor Bags, Favor Boxes, Scrapbooking Kits, Handmade Paper Envelopes, Gift Bags, Promotional Bags, Handmade Drawing Paper, Handmade Tissue Papers, Handmade Scroll Invitations, Handmade Wedding Invitations, Handmade Paper Cards, Scroll Rods, Handmade Paper Envelopes, Deckle Edged Envelopes, Wedding Envelopes, Fabric Covered Envelopes,Paper Wine Bottle Bags Handmade Drawing Papers,Eco Friendly Drawing Papers, Recycled Drawing Paper, Deckle Edged Drawing Papers, Drawing Papers, Cotton Drawing Papers, Cotton Rag Drawing Papers, Handmade Paper for Lampshades, Handmade Paper for Lanterns, Lampshade Paper, Lantern Papers, Recycled Paper for Lampshades, Recycled Paper for Lanterns, Banana Fiber Handmade Paper for Lampshades, Banana Fiber Handmade Papers,, Lokta Handmade Papers, Silk Handmade Papers, Correspondence Stationery, handmade Paper Stationery, Handmade Paper Correspondence Stationery, Stationery Sets, Customized Stationery Sets, Recycled Paper Stationery, Eco Friendly Paper Stationery, Logo Printed Paper Stationery, Printer Compatible Handmade Copy Papers, Handmade Copy Papers, Recycled Copy Papers, Eco Friendly Copy Papers, Custom Made Copy Papers, Logo Printed Copy Papers, Deckle Edged Copy Papers, Handmade Paper Scroll Invitation, Paper Scroll Invitations, Scroll Invitations, Scrolls, Custom Made Scroll Invitations, Custom Printed Scroll Invitations, Boxed Scroll Invitations, Recycled Paper Scroll Invitations, Eco Friendly Paper Scroll Invitations, Recycled Paper Scroll Invitations, Scroll Rods, Plastic Scroll Rods, Wood Scroll Rods, Brass Scroll Rods, Metallic Scroll Rods, Gold Scroll Rods, Silver Scroll Rods, Scroll Rods in Metallic Finishes, Custom Made Scroll Rods, Handmade Paper Tags, Paper Tags, Recycled Paper Tags, Eco Friendly Paper Tags, Gift Tags, Custom Made Paper Tags, Custom Printed Paper Tags, Hang Tags, Apparel Tags, Clothing Tags, Jeans Tags, Paper tags for Apparel manufacturers, Paper Tags for Clothing Manufacturers, Scrapbook Papers, Handmade Tissue Papers, Banana Fiber Tissue Papers, Banana Fiber Papers, Recycled Tissue Papers Eco Friendly Tissue Papers, Screen Printed Tissue Papers, Logo Printed Tissue Papers, Custom Printed Tissue Papers, Screen Printed Handmade Papers, Silk Screen Printed Handmade Papers, Printed Handmade Papers, Silk Screen Prints on Han
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비즈니스 유형
맞춤 제조업체
Maharashtra, India
주력 제품총 직원
11 - 50 People
총 연간 수익
512, 820
설립 연도
주요 고객
Bo & Luca|PCB home|UZMA chocolates|SNP products
제품 인증
주요 시장

제품 용량

생산 흐름

생산 장비

Hand made products

공장 정보

공장 규모
Below 1,000 square meters
공장 국가/지역
India25 200 Motilal Nagar No 1, Opp best colony, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400104, Maharashtra, India
생산 라인 수
계약 제조
OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered
연간 출력 값
Below US$1 Million

연간 생산 능력

제품 이름
생산 라인 수용량
실제 생산 수량(전년도)
Cotton paper
1000000 pieces
500000 pieces
Wedding stationary
200000 pieces
100000 Pieces
Paper bags
200000 pieces
100000 Pieces
Silk Yarn & Fiber/ Banana Fibers/ Glass beads
110000 Kg
58000 Kg
Leather Journals
20000 Pieces
10000 Pieces

생산 라인

생산 라인
운영자 수
인라인 QC/QA 수
paper production

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Less than 5 People